Here common questions might pop into your mind, if you have more question feel free to contact us!

How long does it take to complete a website?

Depending on the package that the client had purchased, the completion time is different for each project. Once clients submitted all the required documents our designer will be able to provide you with the accurate completion date for the client’s project.

Contact us and let us know more about your idea, and our customer service personnel will be able to provide you with an estimated time frame.


I got both hosting & domain can I still subscribe the services?

Yes, you can. Clients are free to keep their host and domain or transfer to us so we could manage it for you. Transfer of [.com] domain is FREE. Transferring other domains besides [.com] there will be a transfer fee.

Pointing of domain and hosting transfer is FREE.


Can I change my website header image subsequently?

Yes, you can. You can either do it on your own or, contact us to do it for you. This is why we have Design Revision. You may redeem your Design Revision every month.


I want to host my own website, how are you going to build on my host, do I still get the SSL?

Client are free to host their own website, and during the developing stage we will request for the client to grant our developer a temporary access to the hosting where they want to build their site.

Note: SSL certificates is only for clients who host with us.


Why the drafting stage? Why don’t we go straight into the development stage?

That is because with the draft the client is able to have an idea and visualize on how the site will look like, and amend the arrangements of images and text. Drafts also allows the client to ensure the concept and atmosphere of the design is what they want.

Drafts also helps to save time, by eliminating unnecessary changes that can be pre-determined during the drafting stage. So, on the development stage clients can just focus on amending the animation, link’s and button functions, that can only be done during the development stage. Instead of the text and images arrangements. Although, in the draft client are unable to experience the animation and buttons function but drafts help to section out the changes.


How do I compile my documents?

To begin, section your files into the menu option that you would like to have.

For example: you will be having the following as your menu:

Home | Services | About Us | Contact Us

Your file should be named according to your menu. Then place the text and images content accordingly, you may also leave a note or instruction in there if you have any specific things you want us to do.

In the case you have sub-menu, just create a new file within the main menu file, and name the file according to your sub-menu.

Below is the check list of documents you should provide for the development:

The Capo & The Consig:

  • Logo [ .ai or .png format]
  • Written content [ product/services, home page, blog]
  • Company introduction [applicable only when client has an “About Us” Page]
  • Company contact details, address, emails, and contact number.
  • Product / Service / header images [ recommended resolution 1000px and above, ai or .png format]

The Boss:

  • Logo [ .ai or .png format]
  • Written content
  • Company introduction [applicable only when client has an “About Us” Page, blog]
  • Company contact details, address, emails, and contact number.
  • Product / Service / header Images [ recommended resolution 1000px and above, ai or .png format]
  • Product Sku listing
  • Certified true of company registration [For payment gateway registration]
  • Certified true copy of director’s Identification card [For payment gateway registration]
  • Latest Bank statement [For payment gateway registration]

How Many times I can amend my Project on each stage?

3 amendments are allowed for both Drafting and Development stage. Every reply with either a request/ requests for changes are consider as 1 time.


I think I need more pages, what should I do?

Page add on is available, upon the check out page there is a drop-down menu for you to choose the number of pages you would like to add.

Below are the discounts for adding pages:

5 pages = 5%
10 pages = 10%
15 pages = 15%
and beyond 20 pages is 20% discounts


What are the Online Store’s features?

Our online store is build on WooCommerce, a powerful E-commerce plugin for WordPress. Which have two default payment gateways (senangPay & PayPal), inventory management, sales & orders report, payment and shipping, tax calculations, and coupon discounts and more. Hundreds of add-on is available to extend the online store.


What is the cost for processing payment in the Online Store?

The Online Store comes with two build in payment gateways. Both payment gateways accept Ringgit Malaysia.

  • senangPay
    SenangPay charges a flat rate of RM1.50 for each Internet Banking’s transaction (FPX via Bank Islam Online, Maybank2u, CIMB Clicks, Hong Leong Connect, RHB Now, AmBank Online, PBeBank). The fee for each credit/debit cards transaction is 3% (Mastercard and Visa). To learn more, visit senangPay Fees.
  • PayPal
    PayPal only accepts credit or debit cards. The fee for each transaction is 4.4% + RM2.00or lower. To learn more, visit PayPal Fees.

Since I have my own Domain and Hosting, can I get a discount?

There will be no discounts as we already offering FREE [.com] domain and Hosting, whether the client takes the free offer or doesn’t the price will still remain the same.


Do we make appointments to discuss about the projects after the payment?

Appointments are not required as we are an Online Service Provider. All our clients completed their project within the comfort for their home. We communicate with client with WhatsApp, emails, calls and occasionally Skype.


How many changes I can make for every design revision?

You can make 5 request(changes) peer revision. If you have more than 5 changes to make, we will keep the remaining changes for the following month.

For Images or videos related changes, a maximum of 10 images and videos can be uploaded, or replace per revision.


What is a Template-based Website Layout?

Websites is build based on predesigned templates. Although all templates are premade beautifully and accommodates to most major contents. Just pick from one of our templates, and we will customize the designs for you.


What is Content Management System?

Content Manage System (CMS) is an easy to use system for you to add, edit and modify the website. Our CMS is WordPress.


What does Monthly Maintenance do?

We conduct monthly maintenance to ensure the websites run smoothly, we have programmers running server maintenance and monthly backup for the active websites.


How do I sign up?

Subscribe to one of the package plans available on our website then proceed with payment. Our customer service personnel will reach you by email within the same or next business day once the transaction is completed.


How does the while process/procedure works?

There are 4 stages towards the flow of completing the project.

Right after client has complete their purchase and the payment is confirmed, you will receive an email from our customer care personnel he/she will be the one assisting you through your project.

Stage 1
Compilation of Documents: This is where our customer care personnel would request for product images, and written content from you, and also to choose a template.

Stage 2
Drafting: Once client provided the complete content for their website. The documents will be sent to the designers to make a design draft of the website based on the template and contents provided. A due date will be provided on when will the draft be complete.

Once the draft is complete, it will be sent to clients for review. Client are allowed to make 3 amendments on the draft.

Stage 3
Live Site Development stage: After client confirm the draft, we will proceed with the live site development stage. Similar to the drafting stage, client will be given a due date for this stage.

Once the development is complete, it will be sent to clients for review. Client are allowed to make 3 amendments on this stage.

Stage 4
Handover: In this stage, is where we provide the clients with their login details for their website and this marks the project as complete!


Can I cancel the subscription?

Yes. However, no refund will be issued. Contact us at and we will assist you.


Can I Pause my project?

If client were to pause their project, client may notify us and clients are permitted to pause their project up to a maximum of 90 days.

Clients who pause the project exceeded 90 days and did not respond to WebMobster in any form of contact. The project will be deemed as an “abandon project” and all services will be terminated.

If client were to abandon their project or stop responding to WebMobster in between any stages of development (exp: Live site development stage, or drafting stage) for more than 30 days. Such action will be deemed as “paused project without advance notice”. WebMobster in all their ability will try to contact the client. If client does not respond exceeding 20 days. The project will be deemed as an “abandon project” and all services will be terminated. All data base associated with the client’s project email over to the client.


What happen if I renew my subscription after the expiry?

If a client were to renew late, they risk getting their domain and hosting terminated. We allow an extension of 7 working days after the expiry. There will be a penalty for those who renew 30 days after their expiry.


Do I need to choose a template before I subscribe to any website design plan?

Yes. However, if you can’t make up your mind, just contact us, we’ll help you out.


Does it include a domain?

Yes, it does. Every package comes with a FREE [.com] domain*. We also offers domain register service for other domains.


Do I need to pay renewal fee for the payment gateway in Online Store?

No. The renewal fee for senangPay is included in the yearly subscription fee for The Boss plan.


More question to ask?

Don’t worry, we are at your service, feel free to contact us via live chat or e-mail.

*Free domain is subjected to availability